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3 years ago my life changed - though it seems like yesterday. I closed my business, said goodbye to family and friends, packed a couple bags and started to travel. Destiny brought me to Bali, Indonesia, where I fell in love with the island and its people.

In this time I have met many people, I have learnt and I have grown. After a Balinese ceremony, I started thinking about all the people who had taught me something and all these artisans that work with passion.

From this, the idea of Koruai was born. We launched in 2015 with the goal of embodying a new lifestyle, not just a simple brand. You can feel in each Koruai piece the care put into making them. These are products which connect you with your emotions and allow you to explore within.

Koruai is for people who are:

- Passionate about travel and new cultures.
- Exploring spirituality.
- Care about ecological fabrics.
- Love classy and elegant products.

All is about expanding our consciousness.

Our Mission

It is to support local artisans and work with natural materials. We hope that each Koruai product will bring you happiness.

All our products are handmade.

Every item should evoke the seeing in our minds of creativity, purity, effort and the passion that went into each creation.

Remove your fears, leave your comfort zone, start to feel…
All is within you, in your attitude as you choose to see it…

Follow the Koruai spirit

What means KORUAI?

Koruai represents "travel", "growth" and "spirituality". It is a journey into self-discovery, leaving the comfort zone, with the fervent intention to improve as individuals and embody natural values. We are nomads on the road of personal growth. We place emphasis on valuing wisdom and truth.

It is the union of two words: KORU (Maori) + AI (Japanese)

“KORU” means spiral
It is the oldest known sacred symbol. It symbolizes new life and our evolutionary journey in life.
It represents the path leading from outer consciousness (materialism, ego) to the inner soul (the unseen essence). Movements between the inner world (intangible, intuitive) and outside (matter, manifests) are assigned by the spiral rings, marking the evolution.
“The human mind always makes progress, but progress is a spiral.” – Madame de Stael

“AI” represents indigo and means Love
It is one of the oldest dyes, more than 4000 years. Indigo is a deep midnight blue, represents the characteristics of the water symbolizes life: purity, calm, stability, security, trust, professionalism, masculinity, honesty, wisdom and justice. The color of intuition, perception and the higher mind. It promotes concentration, helping to achieve deeper levels of consciousness.
It is the color of deep blue sky silence, space and oceans, which are above and below our everyday existence, for the Japanese. Indigo has different meanings for other cultures or religions. The truth, death, emptiness, medicine, power, logic, infinite joy, immateriality, conservatism, …
It is a universal concept on the affinity between people, defined in different ways according to different ideologies and views. Unconditional love, feeling, affection, attachment, compassion, mercy, desire, passion, sensuality, sexuality, …

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Koruai collaborates closely with local NGO’s to provide education to disadvantaged children. With your purchase, we help these NGO’s with 5% of the profit.