Blessing Ceremony

The Story of Ida Resi Alit

Ida Resi Alit was born to a simple family in a rice farming village in the Bangli region of Bali Indonesia on March 13th, 1986.


She spent her youth with a dream of attending university and becoming a successful independent woman, but when her father died a sudden and tragic death when she was 13 years old her family faced increased economic hardship. Despite those challenges Ida still displayed more ambition than the average Balinese teenager.


After Ida graduated from high school she traveled to the island of Bintan off of Singapore to find work but had to return home several months later due to her lack of success in obtaining a job.


The challenges finding work continued upon her return and unable to find a career or start a family, Ida began to feel lost and depressed. In hope of finding guidance, Ida sought out her great uncle, a Hindu Mongku, who instructed her in the basics of meditation as a way to balance her emotions.


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Ida's Mission

Compassion, Community, Connection


Ida’s mission starts with helping people to compassionately turn inward and recognize the presence of their emotions. She sees an opportunity to aid humanity by helping to facilitate the expression and release of emotions in a healthy and healing manner, spreading the values of community, and helping people develop a connection between all things including their family, neighbors, spirit, and the world.



Ida has taken a strong stance on caring for the environment and taking an extra effort to prevent issues such as pollution and plastic waste to ensure our we preserve the vitality and quality of life for plants, animals, and humans alike.


Hers is a message of developing harmony with nature and initiating efforts to maintain it’s natural beauty. She sees the neglect of our environment as a human problem that we have the power to resolve