Eco Friendly Organic Cotton Bag Yoga Pilates Fitness Casual


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The focus of Koruai is to inspire lives through an appreciation for art and skills that can be a source of livelihood for local artisans around the world. Through promoting personal growth by opening up the mind to different cultural energies, Koruai embraces yoga as a technique for self-realization. When going for a cultural event, true awareness stems from the involvement in everything as is recommended by the practice. A yoga bag is an essential component for carrying personal belongings for people who practice yoga. Instead of having to hold items in your hands during meditation, this bag offers a convenient assurance that your belongings are safe and intact. As is the focus with Koruai, the yoga bags which are made from natural materials are entirely hand crafted to bring out the skill and expertise of local artisans. 100% organic cotton means that the fiber does not undergo any form of processing before it is put to use. Lack of treatment of fibers makes the raw materials unique for each piece created. Even the thread that sews together the various panels of the bag is made from 100% cotton making the bag totally organic in composition. To future accentuate the beauty of the yoga bags natural, tie and die is used to color the cotton fabric.
The unique design of the bags, plus the interesting colors makes the bags versatile. They are popularly used for Pilates, surfing, yoga, fitness and many casual engagements. The appearance of the bag is not only appealing but the colors make it a soothing addition to any activity. As with other natural fibers, cotton is easy to clean and has an attractive finish when clean. There is always need to store some items carefully to avoid loss and damage and this is well catered for by cargo pockets on the yoga bag. An excellent place to keep mobile phones, keys and other essentials items the cargo bag ensures that what you carry inside it is held into position. There is always an occasion that calls for this type of bag so the scenarios under which it can be used are endless. These yoga bags are stylish, beautiful and cool owing to the fact that the can be used for so many activities. The spirit of Koruai is accommodative of all individual styles from hippie, unconventional, boho, casual or even formal. This makes the yoga bag a great gift to give to family members and friends for a lasting impression.