Japa Mala Made it with Black Lava Stones


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Black Lava stones are considered the grounding stones. It is the oldest stone found and comes from the core of the earth. It is firely brimstone as it bubbles to the earth and then it cools. After cooling it becomes porous and black in color.

They provide you a sense of stability in the midst of stormy situations. By carrying a mala of black lava stone you will feel your inner fire die and transformation into an incredible personality.

Once you start to hold black lava stones they will put you into a deep sense of contentment and then it becomes impossible to let them down. And it is very important to wear these malas because they can lead you to a world of blessings.

They have healing properties. Lava stones are fantastic for stabilizing and grounding the root chakra. It has rebirth qualities and it is very effective in shedding unnecessary layers of emotions attachment. Thus it calms your emotion and blesses you with inner peace and contentment.