The concept of KORUAI


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The idea of Koruai came about in 2015 with the objective of making another way of living. Koruai is not just a brand, it is a product that connects clients with their feelings and allows them to explore the inner-self.

The spiritual connotation of our brand takes us on this inner journey into the mysteries of the unknown within us. Experience a new lifestyle through our handicrafts as you get a chance to learn and explore other new things from different cultures and witness a closer approach to spirituality.

There is just so much about the world that many people haven’t discovered. I personally love exploring new cultures, travelling around and learning new concepts. This new passion drove me to close my business, leave my family and friends behind just to start a new lifestyle, crazy, right? After arriving in Bali, I fell in love with the island, culture, locals and its delicious food, having witnessed all its cultural diversity and soothing and peaceful vibe Koruai was born.
Koruai is an idea born out of a desire to appreciate all those artisans that play a role in shaping someone’s life. When people work with passion, they do not anticipate appreciation because it is part of who they are. Everyone has a role to play in impacting knowledge on someone else so it is correct to say that every human being is a product of many minds. Learning may be in the form of a skill or a simple school of thought that changes the mindset on certain aspects of life. The fact that each piece is unique symbolizes the individual aspects that make each human being special. Through promotion of an internal design line of handicrafts, Koruai aims to teach people how to unlock their growth potential.

If you feel passionate about experiencing new cultures, deeper levels of spirituality, embracing of ecological fabrics and have an immeasurable love for elegant items, then Koruai is for you.