Koruai Meaning


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The word KORUAI has a life path. The life way suggests that you posses diverse ability and have a positive character with an amazing readiness to learn.

These qualities are supplementary and result in astounding imperativeness that is combined with positive feelings. In the event that there are negative focuses or difficulties for the duration of your life, endeavor to overcome them, without getting demoralized over them in an extensive measure of egotism. Always connecting with others in an enthusiastic style can spur people around you and create a positive impact.
What Does KORUAI Means?

KORUAI represents travel, development and most profound sense of being. It is an adventure into self-discovery, leaving the comfort zone, with the intense expectation to improve as people and settle common qualities. KORUAI is a union of two words: KORU (Maori) + AI (Japanese)

KORU (Maori) means Spiral:

KORU is the oldest established known sacred symbol. It symbolizes new life and growth. It likewise represents the way driving from external awareness to the internal soul. Movement between the internal world and outside is doled out by the spiral rings, marking the evolution.

AI (Japanese) means indigo color and Love

Indigo color: It is one of the most seasoned colors, over 4000 years. The color of instinct, recognition and the higher personality. It promotes concentration, accomplishing and further levels of cognizance. It also represents the attributes of the water which symbolizes life: virtue, quiet, stability, security, trust, professionalism, wisdom, knowledge and equity.

Love: It is a universal idea on the proclivity between individuals, characterized in various courses as per distinctive belief and perspectives. Unrestricted love, feeling, affection, connection, empathy, benevolence, wish, enthusiasm, sensuality, sexuality.
Defining The Letters in KORUAI

In this rundown I have characterized all letters independently in numerological meanings.

  • K

    ¨K¨ letter form meaning in KORUAI. On this letter you can observe two antennas, one oriented toward the sky, and the second into the earth. They are interconnected at the central level of the vertical axis, which represents the emotional area. The whole is reminiscent of three lines. One captures energy from the top. The second gathers energies of the heart. The third gets energies from the material world.

  • O

    ¨O¨ letter form meaning in KORUAI. it’s simple circle that offers no opening, but that surrounds you and holds you to not go back. He knows how to turn things around. This beautiful roundness emits softness and harmony. Has no beginning and no end. This letter does not like square things; he loves curves, comfort and stability. One could compare it to a magnifying glass that would observe the stars and distant horizons.

  • R

    ¨R¨ letter form meaning in KORUAI. This reminds us of the letter P, but with one extra leg that seems to take a step forward. Looking like a soldier blowing his chest to show his ambition. It shows flexibility with side B. Retaining its emotions. Having a form that is complex and filled with various and sometimes contradictory information.

  • U

    ¨U¨ letter form meaning in KORUAI. As a container, the U leaves a large aperture skyward (thinking, intuition), he is filled with energies up to the matter (the base, the concrete). Its base is round and indicates instability hence its classification as a movable letter.

  • A

    ¨A¨ letter form meaning in KORUAI. His position is as solid as the Chinese wall. Having a solid foundation, the A is protective and reassuring. His horizontal line supports its strength at central level. You can think of this letter as a powerful energy capacitor or a missile ready to take off.

  • I

    ¨I¨ letter form meaning in KORUAI. Simple vertical line served as the number 1 links up two compared poles (the earth and the sky) containing a strong internal tension. The current is very direct and passes candidly without hesitancy. It is keeping you alert and ready to act from its first sound.

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