Koruai Values


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KORUAI has a spiritual intention that takes us on the inward journey into the secrets of the unknown within us. It brings us out of our comfort zone and it permits us to ask ourselves what's next. We are migrants in search of self-improvement. Craving for something new, explore, learn, find, and improve as people. It is about growing our cognizance.
To embrace the spirit of Koruai means that you are on a journey of self-realization, that is not necessarily physical. Koruai is an epitome of growth, spirituality and travel that involves learning and appreciating other people. When an individual decides to leave what they are already accustomed to in terms of values and direction in life, there can only be one outcome which is elf improvement.

Coined from two words “KORU” means spiral and “AI” which means love, Koruai is an ideology that represents growth in the ways that people acknowledge the purity and creativity within each other. This growth takes on a movement from the outer consciousness and into the inner soul as enlightenment takes place. It is this movement through the different levels of human relationships that marks the evolution of how people relate to self and between others.
Happiness is a product of freedom to marvel in unique individual taste. By using natural products and eliminating the use of machine to develop these materials, Koruai products are intended to project inward happiness. Such is the unique way of embracing the natural skills and materials that can be crafted to please people elsewhere. This is the spirit of Koruai.