High Priest Ida Malas
Japan Mala bead with Rudraksha and 108 Lava black stones

Totally handmade and direct from Bali, the island of the gods

This mala has an authentic activation process, blessed by a Balinese High Priest.

It is what makes real spiritual jewelry, physical reminders of your deeper spiritual aspirations.

Our Mala will help you to reach and surpass them.

Lava, poured forth from the fiery belly of mother earth, is a stone of balance, calming the emotions, strength protection and fantastic for stabilizing and grounding the root chakra.
It is great to bring your Mala Beads to your yoga practice, as a way to focus and bring awareness to your intentions and to infuse your Mala with the energy of your practice.
Mala or Japa Mala (means necklace, in Sanskrit) is a string of prayer beads commonly used by Hindus, Buddhists and Tibetan for their spiritual practice.
Traditionally they are strung with 108 Beads, 1 Rudraksha and a Tassel. The number 108 is considered sacred by Hinduism and Buddhism.
The 109 Rudraksha Bead symbolises gratitude and can be used in a variety of ways to help you manifest and achieve your dreams and desires.

Because spirituality and fashion can complement, our Malas are designed for you to wear with any style of clothing.

Boho Chic, Hippie, Casual, Hipster, Formal or Elegant.

If yoga and meditation aren’t really your thing, simply wearing a mala can help you feel good and manifest what you’re looking for.
Perfect Necklace or Bracelet Gift like a Jewelry complement for women and men.