Yoga Bag and Yoga Mat are Inseparable


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Whether you’ve been working as a trained yoga teacher or are a student of it, there is one essential item that makes every practice a successful and joyful one - your yoga mat.

Yoga mat is way more than a yogi instrument in fact; the yoga mat is a metaphor that symbolizes the disconnection of the mind from wary, disorderly and unpredictable nature of the daily life. It also helps you maintain body balance and aids the body movements thus preventing risks of slipping away while training on uneven surfaces. Given the significance of this tool, what better way to take care of than a colorful, practical and eco-friendly yoga mat bag which not only helps to preserve the longevity of the mat but also serves a carrier for other items in the outer pockets such as towel, phone or even your yoga journal.

The greatest part of this spectacular bag is that it comes in different patterns, textures and colors so it embraces all kinds of styles.
One thing you should always be aware of while practicing yoga is the thickness of a yoga mat. The purchase of a yoga mat varies from person to person, remember we all have different body shapes and different physical conditions, so do not compare your body structure to someone else’s and buy the yoga mat that is appropriate to your own. Also if you have a history of back/body pains then you really need to consider the thickness of your yoga mat, if you are unsure then consult your teacher.

This yoga mat no matter how good it is, you can only preserve it by having a regular sanitary routine i.e. clean it after use and keep it gently into your yoga bag because during training, there is tendency that hair particles among other things can drop on the mat, therefore try to get a damp rag and a soap to clean it after each training day.
One good tip is to look out for bags with straps because is easier to transport. Some bags have just one strap while others have two.

Although both are equally good, Koruai designs the bag with two thin straps so the weight it’s even out but also adds another strap, which is thicker. This can be more useful at the end of the session when the mat’s still wet and sweaty, so it helps to air it.

Either way, the costumer is free to carry the bag as he/she pleases, Koruai provides a variety of choices for one’s own personal comfort.