Yoga Mat Bags

The Best Yoga Mat Bag and Strap for carrying any Yoga Mat

This beautiful Organic Yoga Mat Bag and Organic Carrying Strap are totally handmade.


100% Organic Cotton fabric, 100% Cotton thread. Tie Dye colors.


The Cargo Pocket is perfect for keys, cell phone and other essentials. Keep your mat clean, dry and portable. Fit all yoga mats sizes.

Yoga mat bag

Choose your favorite color!!!







The Best Gift for family, friends, lovers, …

Why choose between a Yoga Mat Bag or a Yoga Mat Strap, when you can have both. Because every day is different, each day you can choose how you wish to carry your Mat.


Our Yoga Mat Bags are cool, stylish and beautiful. You can use them for other activities: a casual bag, a backpack for the beach or for hiking in the mountain.


Whichever is your style? Boho chic, unconventional, artistic, hippie, hipster, surfer, casual, formal … Koruai is for all styles!!