Yoga and Meditation the perfect tools to improve the mind and body!


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Most probably when you think of the word “yoga”, you may have these flashbacks of people in seemingly absurd, weirdly twisted postures and movements but that is it. Well, you are wrong, yoga is way more than those superficial assumptions of this profound science of living. The word yoga means “union and to merge”. Therefore, role of yoga is to simply unite the body and mind through breathing so there is a greater sense of self-awareness. In order to have full control of our thoughts, we must create a harmonious relationship between mind and body, using different techniques that includes movement and postures, exercises of breathing, relaxation and to develop concentration and self-inquiry skills; all this based only on individual effort and hard-work. Life today has been narrowed down to a repetitive busy and unfulfilling routine, making us ignore the art of being alive. The good news is that we have the key to change it all around and start living the life we deserve, away from material possessions and undesired cravings by welcoming a lifestyle that will provide us with peacefulness, equanimity and balance. Yoga and meditation offer us the space to deal and connect with our higher self and be in a state of complete serenity to rest, observe and examine our thoughts and emotions in a deeper level.
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Seek the blessings of yoga

The fusion of mind, body and breath will bring you unlimited benefits, even in the tensest, most stressful of situations of everyday life. These seemingly impossible poses or ‘asanas' as they are called will gradually loosen the body and improve your flexibility thus preventing back pain and poor posture. With an improved posture, you are safe from suffering from neck, back or joint pain and even arthritis. Yoga helps to build strong muscles, keeping the flexibility balanced, whereas a normal work out will improve muscle strength but at the cost of flexibility. Moreover, with the help of asanas, the blood flow, lymph drainage and heart rate are elevated, which significantly reduces your chances of heart attacks and automatically boosts the immune system. The Savasana pose is indeed very beneficial for those who suffer from hypertension since this pose has been proved to decrease blood pressure. The daily practice of yoga not only makes you stay in shape but also calm and happy since it reduces chances of depression as it raises serotonin levels (neurotransmitter found in the brain that regulates mood and behavior). This new healthy routine will motivate you to supervise your eating habits and weight problems (if any), thus developing a much healthier lifestyle. Among other benefits, it is the administration of time and improvement of memory and solving problem skills; all this can be achieved through a persistent and diligent practice of Transcendental Meditation. So, if you want to stay hale and hearty even at 70, then yoga is the thing you should be aiming for.

So what are you waiting for? Get your yoga mat!

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Yoga mat bag, a yogi’s essential

Undoubtedly, every yogi as they step on their mat enters a world devoid of chaos and stress and relish each moment of the serenity gifted by yoga. Consequently, every yogi knows to not underestimate the necessity of a quality yoga mat bag to keep the mat intact. With so many products out there, the Koruai yoga mat bag clearly stands out from the crowd. It's 100% organic cotton fabric that comes with a Cargo Pocket to keep your cell phone and keys safe. The Koruai mat straps are also a favourite as they comfortably sit on the shoulders, thus allowing to carry the mat bag with ease.
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fotos malas
Yoga Malas, call out to the soul

A mantra is a sacred utterance believed to have spiritual powers. Yogis usually repeat them using the Japa malas (a string of beads) allowing the meaning to sink deep into the subconscious. Malas have energetic effects that help increase the focus and retain and release the energy gained from yoga. They also possess healing properties since the beads are made from java stones, which literally come from the core of the earth, so calmness and grounding qualities lie deep in their roots creating a bridge between our emotions and us. Additionally, malas can also be worn, as jewelry for different types of personality, styles and genders and the most incredible thing is that Koruai yoga malas are handmade from Balinese natives and are blessed by a high priest. Koruai yoga malas serve as a reminder of your place in your life journey. Now it is time for you to explore the deepest levels of your inner self and find through Yoga the opportunity to detach yourself from the worldly life.

“Train your mind to make it a beautiful servant instead of a dangerous master”.